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December 27, 2018

What Makes A Backlink A High Quality Backlink?
Getting backlinks: links from other websites to your business’s website is the most effective way to improve your rankings.
From a relevant source, From a trusted source ( High trust flow score ).
Sends traffic ( high citation flow score).
Exact phrase or synonym match anchor link text used in content and next to backlinks to authority websites.
Creating quality backlinks is essential as Ofpage seo strategy to boost the authority of your website or business site!
Linkbuilding most important to increase the popularity but always by google guidelines. ( Natural organic linkbuilding )

Getting backlinks links from other websites to your business’s website is the most effective way to improve your rankings.
Not all backlinks are equal though the difference is quality, popularity and the relation to the pointing href website.

Some backlinks won’t improve your rankings at all, and some might even have a negative effect ( for instance when you using blackhat seo technics like linkfarmming methods ).
Therefore, your focus should be on specialy acquiring high quality backlinks.
What makes a backlink high quality is subjective, and every SEO consultant will have at least a slightly differing opinion on the topic, however, most would agree that a good quality backlink would be comprised of several of the factors listed below, and that a backlink that ticks all of these boxes would be the perfect backlink.
It would be unrealistic to expect all of your backlinks to be perfect, and just because a backlink doesn’t meet all of these criteria it doesn’t make it low quality. If you can get a backlink to your business’s website that ticks at least a few of these boxes then it’s definitely worth having in your site’s link profile.

From a relevant source ( meaning that the content must related about the main topics of your site ! )
Search engines want to provide relevance in their search results, and so it’s logical that relevance is a consideration when they evaluate backlinks, which are the primary factor affecting where sites rank in their results. A backlink can be relevant on different levels. Search engines consider the overall relevance of the linking site, the relevance of the specific page with the link on it, and the relevance of the content directly surrounding the link.

From a trusted source ( Meaning from sites with reputation and high TF trust flow metrics score )
It’s logical that a high quality backlink would come from a high quality website, and that a high quality site would also be a very trustworthy site.
To determine if a website is trustworthy, search engines use a set of trusted seed sites ( for example, google news, Microsoft, Wikipedia, BBC, The Huffington Post, Amazon, Github or .Gov and .Edu sites etc.),
which they know for sure are high quality and which are difficult to get links from.
The fewer the number of links away a site is from one of the seed sites, the higher its TrustRank is, and the higher the quality a link from that site is.

Sends traffic ( Meaning a high citation flow, Mozrank and DR rank score ).
This aspect of backlinks too often gets forgotten about. The original purpose of links, before the time search engines started using them as a factor in their algorithms, was to add value to a page by directing visitors to resources relevant to the topic of that page.
Visitors still click these links as often as they did when the internet was first created, and having a link in a prominent position on a highly visited page makes it high quality because, regardless of rankings, it will bring your website a continual stream of targeted visitors.

Google Penguin is an addition to the General algorithm of Google that since 2013 Google Hummingbird.
Google Penguin shall assess the quality of links between websites for the purpose of abuse.
The purpose of Penguin is punish websites that deal with link building techniques that do not comply with the Google Webmaster guidelines.
This includes the automatic generation of links and those links not add natural or linkbuild in a organic way.

Google search index using the metrics of Moz about the DA / PA score and Majestic about TF / CT score in there ranking algoritme.

If your company need high quality backlinks with high DA/TF metrics score to boost your website ranking, feel free to contact us!
Let your website boost in Google serps to buying the best nich related quality backlinks.

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