How to Buy Runescape Gold Online

January 18, 2019

Purchasing gold online is a certain method to get your Runescape account prohibited. Not

just that, you may lose the various Runescape accounts that you have. Jagex

will log your IP and boycott any record that is starting from that specific IP


For the gold dealers, (by far most of which are in China), this is no

major ordeal. For them it involves losing a solitary dimension 3 player on the grounds that

they are continually making these donkey players and utilizing them on intermediary servers.

On the off chance that one gets captured and erased they have bounty more to have its spot. This is

why on the off chance that you ever buy gold from one of these merchants you won’t see a

larger amount character giving you the gold. They ensure that their higher

level cash making characters are never connected with the gold exchanges

themselves. They will at that point utilize these more elevated amount gold creator accounts and have

them exchange with a shadow account. That shadow record will at that point exchange with the

gold merchant account. Along these lines the really profitable gold producer account is dependably

protected and generally safe from investigation since it is never really

related with the gold dealer accounts. Check about osrs money making

So when Jagex does at last catch one of these low dimension donkey gold dealer

accounts, they track the IP association that it has with different players. Once

they have enough movement they boycott the first gold moving donkey and each

other character that exchanged with them for monstrous measure of gp with nothing else

of esteem being given in return.

What these methods for you is that your character (whatever dimension it may be)

will be forever restricted. With the goal that dimension 73 character that you have been

taking a shot at for a considerable length of time will be gone and all your diligent work alongside it. Also,

there is certainly not a solitary thing you can do about it. Jagex won’t tune in to your

requests since you disrupted the guidelines. The gold dealers won’t mind in light of the fact that

they got their cash and you got their gold. You will be in a tough situation.

Yet, you may figure you can outmaneuver Jagex and utilize a donkey and shadow account

of your own. On the off chance that you end up doing this Jagex won’t stop at simply prohibiting your

level 3 donkey, they will as said before boycott each character related with that

specific IP address. This implies in addition to the fact that you lose your dimension 3,

you will lose your dimension 43 entertainer and your dimension 63 officer and your dimension 93

warrior, etc.

So is it worth attempting to exchange genuine cash for gold in Runescape? We should


1. It is against the standards of the diversion.

2. You will in the long run get captured in light of the fact that Jagex isn’t searching for you however for

the gold venders. Anyway when they locate the gold venders they will discover you.

3. You won’t just lose the record that you used to exchange to get the gold,

you will lose every one of your records related with your IP.

4. You will lose the gold you just exchanged for.

Purchasing gold online will never leave. There are simply such a large number of organizations

doing it at the present time and until the point that the laws concerning the DMCA (Digital Millennium

Copyright Act) are elucidated through case law, the preferred standpoint will be to the gold

venders. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to have a record and play on it for a little while at that point

exchanging gold online isn’t the best approach. Or maybe, commit yourself to your

character, train it well, be a beneficial piece of the network and appreciate a

irreproachable life.

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